I want some advice on ICONS8 Tools for Graphic Design Projects

Hello ICONS8 Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new in ICONS8 tools and I am using ICONS8 Tools for Graphic Design Projects. I want tips for Maximizing ICONS8 Tools in Graphic Design; any insights or tips would be appreciate.

I have a few questions below I mention please check this

  • How do you choose which tools to use?
  • There are any advice for integrating with Adobe Illustrator?
  • How customizable are the icons and illustrations available on ICONS8?
  • What are your favored methods for uniting with platoon members or participating ICONS8
  • means within a design?
  • Are there any new feature and updates?

I am so excited :smiley: to hear your experiences and insights on using ICONS8 tools
Thank you in advance for your response

Respectfully member

Hi Nicomani,
Welcome to our community!

Could you tell us more about your project and your needs so we can recommend something that will work in your specific case? As for your question about Illustrator, we have our plugin that you can find here: Native apps and plugins with our assets

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Hello Alex,

Sure, my project is all about images sharing, where we can upload the images of nature, wildlife, science & technology, as per this power apps tutorial by Microsoft, I want all the Images store here where a team member can pick and share directly to the web you may say it is a kind of bank of images for us.


is this something wrong with this website, why I’m not able to see comment that I posted???..

Your comment was not visible because all posts with external links automatically go to the review queue. No worries, though: I’ve checked the link you embedded and green-lit your comment.

Let me know if I understand you correctly: do you need an app where you can store your images and share them with your teammates? Are those images going to be photos only?

Yes, all these images are photos only…

Got it, thanks for clarifying! At the moment, we don’t have any dedicated services for storing and sharing images. This being said, if you’re a macOS user, you can try the My Images feature in Pichon. It allows you to upload and organize your images by adding them to different folders. Folders can be exported or shared with your Icons8 friends.

You can download Pichon via this direct link: Pichon macOS

And here’s an article that will get you started: How to use Pichon for macOS | Icons8 Help Center

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