Icon color not applied


My steps:

  1. Open app
  2. Select icon
  3. Select color from color circle
  4. Color applied in app window
  5. Save icon
  6. Profit??? (no)

All icons saved black.

What I does wrong?



I can’t reproduce this bug; the recoloring option works well for me:


How do you save the recolored icon? Could you please make a screen recording for me?


I Cannot upload video due to “new user” status
Here is hyperlink: here

By the way, as we can see, already colored icons feels good.
Now, I found old Icons8App installer and manually install it instead of Pichon. It works OK.

BTW, may be OS version matters?
1st PC Server 2008 R2
2nd PC Server 2016 R2

Earlier, I works at Windows 10 Professional & Icons8 App, no problems detected…


Hi! Please check if you have the newest version of Pichon. If not, please update it and try recoloring again. Let me know how it went :wink: