Icon font for React Native


Is there a way I can take an entire collection (Material rounded) and turn it into a font? I’d like to use them as vector icons in my React Native app. My current workflow of manually downloading PNGs of the fonts that I use is getting cumbersome after dozens of projects.

I tried adding a bunch of icons to a collection and then downloading the font, but while I had selected close to 40 icons, the downloaded font only had 6.

Perhaps a way to read the LDB files that come with Phicon for macOS? So I can create a font with the right icon names for easy access? I could turn this into an open-source library that others could use as well.

Also, when I try to copy a lot of icons from the desktop app, the app just crashes.


Hi! First of all, you tried the right way - adding icons into the collection and then downloading the entire collection is the only way to obtain the whole pack of icons. Pichon doesn’t support .ldb files, I’m afraid.

If you have an issue with downloading a collection, we’ll need an email tied to your account to be able to reproduce it on our end. Please contact us at support@icons8.com so we can help further!