Icon search and drag and drop issues

Is there any way how I can get back to the old Windows app? There are two main issues - (a) Seach and (b) Ease of use.

(a) With icons I don’t need a perfect match - I need the closes result. Previously, just a few letters gave me a lot of options to choose from. For example when I searched for “advan” I could see a lot of options which would match “advance” or “advanced”. Now it’s giving me three different icons for each word but only when typed in full. It is an incredible time burner…

(b) Previously, I could switch to SVG, and as long I was logged in I could simply drag and drop. Now, I need to click on the “Buy icon” and then drag and drop. Now every time I finally find the icon I was looking for I need to remember to click buy - it was much easier. I don’t want to use PNG icons EVER. So having it as a default option sucks! :slight_smile:

I LOVED the old version but both these changes are forcing me to cancel my subscription. Is there a way to simply download an old version which would not be updated automatically?

You can download older version of Pichon here

Though thanks to your and others feedback, we will be fixing search and purchase algorithms (drag and drop in your case), very soon. So don’t stay on the old version too long :upside_down_face: