Icons show as heart with a checkmark


These two icons we had on a production site are showing as a heart with a checkmark instead of download as xlsx and download as csv logos lol.

Obviously, we’ve replaced them with icons from another site, but figured I’d give a heads up to you all in case the problem is more wide-spread.



Hi! We are going to fix it today.


Same problem.
These icons now look like one geoposition mark, another one like a glass of wine (thankfully nothing more provocative) and only an Instagram icon remained. So every our letter now looks like an invitation to a party with coordinates and a prearranged photoreport.


Checking in, been a few days, no fix as of yet.


Hi guys! We apologize for this issue with our icons.

We are having a huge load on our service now (up to 3000 requests per second). It causes temporary issues that we are fixing at the moment. We hope to fix everything by tomorrow.


Same here, it’s been days since the problem appeared…

Example (it should be a Date-From Icon, but instead an R is shown):

Thank you for your support on solving this asap.


Any updates?

Problem is still present.


Some icons have been fixed, but still got problems with others:



Good news: all the icons will get in their places next week. If you need to fix some particular icons urgently, please, leave the links here. We will fix them manually. This issue is just a matter of cache now.
By the way, some of the mentioned cases can be fixed easily: just clear your browser cache.


Hi! That icon is already fixed. Please, clear your browser cache.