Icons8 Free Icons (AppStore)



I want to publish my app in App Store

The question is - Can I use free icons (from icons8 mac app) in my iOS app ?


It depends on what your app is all about! It is prohibited to distribute our icons, illustrations etc. as separate files. Even if you set up a link or purchase a license. The idea behind our policy is to let our clients distribute their final visual content (video, collages, designs, etc) to their end-users. The end-users may use those designs. That is fine. They do not have to purchase a license from us. However, the restriction is that you are not allowed to distribute stand-alone icons files (from an app, file server, CMS etc.). There should be no purposed way to extract the icons, illustrations etc. from your visual content. Your end-users should be notified that it is illegal to extract icons from your designs and use on their own. Your end-users are supposed to be users of your visual content (videos, collages etc.) created with the use of our icons etc.