Icons8 icon stopped showing on website

If answered before apologies but I can’t find it.
I edited an icon with Lunacy, copied the URL and all was well on my website.
Today the icon stopped showing up and I have no idea why. I tried recopying the url and it now gives an error which I assume is the issue on my website (no icon showing now).
Please help

Hi! Could you please describe your issue in more detail? What URL did you copy and from where? As far as I know, there is no way to copy any links from Lunacy. I can only assume that the issue is with your website - maybe something in the HTML or CSS is wrong.

Thanks but you definitely can, checkout the screenshot. It worked fine for a day then stopped so Idk where to look for the edited (white) chevron icon. The one on icons8 is black.

Ended up just uploading the icon to FTP, working again.

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