ICONS8 using the Mac App


I have a purchased license for the Mac and I am using 5.6.6. Icons were last synced today 11/092019.

If i search on the website for icons in IOS using the keyword MESSAGE and do the same in the Mac App, I see a different set of icons.

78 icons are returned online via the website and 32 using the App.

Disappointed by this.

Why is this happening? Surely the app should contain the same icons?

Many thanks



Hi Rob! The reason is that our web app uses a more advanced search engine and it receives the information from thousands of places. The desktop app works offline so it has fewer opportunities. Sometimes the result can be different also because new styles appear in the desktop app a bit later than on the website. Today we’ve released a new update for our Mac app! If you downloaded it from the website, you can install the update manually. If you got it from the App Store, it will be available after the moderation which takes around 2-4 days.