I'm a subscriber and have a question

I’m a subscriber to a paid license and have purchased icons(YouTube, Netflix, Amazon) from icons8.
(i just created this account to write these questions.)
I was wondering if there are any legal problems when it comes to selling the icons printed in merchandises for commercial purposes.
(whether it can be used without the explicit permission of the company who has the rights to the icon)
Also, if the company files a complaint in the future, please check whether it can be objected by stating that icons8 was used after paying a fair price.

Hi there! Icons from the Logos category are free and available to both subscribed and free users in all sizes and formats. However, all matters relating to the commercial use of such icons should be settled with the respective owners of these logos. The same is true for icons from the Characters category.

As for selling printed products with our other icons, you can do it with your current subscription unless the icons are the main elements of these goods. Otherwise, we offer 2 pricing options:

1. Limited commercial license per item
Up to 500 end products for sale
$99 per asset

2. Unlimited commercial license per item
Unlimited end products for sale
$130 per asset

Hi, thanks for replying.
I’m actually a member of a corporate company, and I want to ask an official question from the company’s point of view (with the type of membership I’m subscribed to and the image of our product attached with the icon purchased from icons8)

could i get your official email, please?

You can get in touch with us via support@icons8.com :slightly_smiling_face: