Image symbols from library not showing when using lunacy .sketch file in Sketch

Hi there,

I have an issue with image symbols when using a lunacy exported .sketch file in Sketch.

A colleague has sent me a .sketch project file from sketch, plus a library file. I added the library to lunacy, opened the project, added some symbols from the library to the artboard, saved the file and sent it back to the colleague.

When my colleague opens the exported file in Sketch, the artboard with all my changes is there but all image based symbols are missing. When i click on a symbol the reference to the library is existing. When I re-select the symbol reference to the library, suddenly all images are back.

With exports between Sketch and Sketch this problem does not exist.

best wishes



Could you please specify what version of Lunacy you are using?

Hi Julie,

I do not have this information at hand but it was the current version at the day I submitted this ticket.

best wishes

Hi! We suggest updating your version for the newest one, please check if that issue appears there again. Thank you!