Importing Public Sans, no font weights


I’ve been trying to install Public Sans, the official typeface of the US Federal Gov.

Installs but wont let me select any different weights, formats.

Even tried converting to ttf and installing again. Same result.

Any insight?



Hello! We’ve just tested the selection of this font in Alpha version. Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< Significant performance increase! . It actually works great! So you may go ahead and try it out. The next release will also contain a fix for this problem.

Lunacy wont save my changes to symbol

You’re right it works great!


I may have spoke too soon. This new version wont save properly. I have a button that is a symbol. Every time I edit the font weight, size or family and attempt to save and quit, the changes are not there when I reopen the file. I’m making a separate thread for this since it’s not specific to the original question about Public Sans.