Inconvenient use of nested auto layout

Lunacy version: 9.2
OS version: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

So when I have 2 frames that both have auto layout on, and I select them, SHIFT+A does not work and the auto layout section in the right panel says ‘Remove auto layout’ which turns off auto layouts from both frames. This can be overcome by creating a new frame and enabling auto layout for it, and then putting the other 2 frames inside of it, but it really is time consuming and inefficient.

Edit: Also, I have noticed that when you have a frame with auto layout, you can’t use SHIFT+A (or the right panel) to pair it together with another element, like a rectangle. I don’t know if this is the desired behavior, but it works in Figma.

Thanks for pointing this issue out! We’ve added it to our list of fixes, stay tuned for the updates :raised_hands:

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