Infinite Loading after performing any action

Summary: Infinite Loading icon displayed on the screen after opening Lunacy

OS Version: MacBook Pro Early 2015 (macOS Monetary Version 12.7.5)

Description: After opening Lunacy on MacBook Pro 13" 2015, it can be observed that infinite loading icon appears on the screen after some time stamps which results in instability of the application. It can be observed that the User cannot interact with the application.

Reproduction Rate: 5/5

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Execute Lunacy.
  2. Perform some actions such as selecting shapes and start making random UI.
  3. Observe the instability of the Lunacy application.

Expected Result:
The app is stable all the time.

What is your Lunacy version?

Version: 9.6.2

Could you try updating to the latest beta version? In order to do that you need to download and reinstall Lunacy using this direct link first:

Then, enable the beta updates to get the latest app version:

Let me know if it helps.