Installing Pichon on Linux Wine


I know it’s not supported by default but I thought I’d ask anyway, maybe someone else was confronted with this problem on Linux or on Windows.

I’m trying to install the Picon demo on Linux through Wine and I get this error “Download failed: Success” which it would be funny if it wouldn’t kill the installation process.

When I click the details it shows it stuck on NetFrameWorkInstaller.exe with the status “cannot connect”

The prefix (the virtual space in which the installer runs) comes with the latest .net framework preinstalled and should work by default.

Any advice?


Hi! I’ve consulted our Pichon developer about your question. I will quote an answer here to avoid technical misunderstandings:

This error occurs because of a bad installer and an old version of the .NET Framework. We will release the new Pichon on .NET5 soon, and it will not require to install the .NET Framework. It will fix the launch via Wine. We will release it this way till the end of February, with a 50% chance till the end of January. When switching to .NET5, the color picker and a couple of other things broke so we will need to make them from scratch, and this will take time.

To check if this scheme works - so that you could already wait or not wait for the update - try installing Lunacy (it has already been transferred to .NET5) via Wine. If the installation succeeds and Lunacy starts well, there will be no problems with Pichon either. If Lunacy does not start, then we can say that the problem will be resolved around the end of spring.

I hope this will help! Let me know if this answers your question, or if you have any additional ones.