Interface Scaling also scales viewport

Lunacy 9.6.1
Windows 10 Pro 22H2

Not sure if this is a bug or just a suggestion, but while I love being able to increase and decrease the scale of the UI for Lunacy, I dislike that I can’t still zoom the viewport to 100% and see the canvases at 100%. I now need to zoom in further if I have the Interface Scale increased. Is there a way to change the UI scale without changing the canvas zoom?

You can scale the interface without affecting the canvas via View → Interface Scale:

If this doesn’t help, please record a screencast and provide a log file so we can look into this issue more closely :raised_hands:

Going to presume you didn’t read my question properly as this is to do with what happens when you use what it is you just pointed out.

Let me speak it out for you more clearly.

You increase or decrease the interface size like you pointed out, that’s the first step.

Second step: change the view in the top right corner of the interface to 100%.

Result: the canvas is not at 100%!

If you decreased the interface size, the canvas is now at a smaller than 100% when set to 100%.

If you increased the interface size, the canvas is now at a larger than 100% when set to 100%

Do you understand the issue?

Thanks for elaborating, but I couldn’t replicate this issue. Could you share a screencast, please?

Unfortunately due to my works strict policies i am unable to share a screen cast.

Regardless, you should be able to see that when you have the ui scaling reduced that the size of a canvas is smaller after you hit 100% or press ctrl+0 than when you had the ui scaling at the normal size.

Thanks for elaborating! I’ll look into this and get back to you as soon as I have any news.

Thank you for your patience!

We have identified this issue and will start working on it soon. I can’t give you an ETA yet because it turned out to be quite a complicated bug to fix. I’ll keep you updated, though!

Appreciated! :+1: