Intergrate UI KIT

I was searching for a possibility how to intergrate a Scetch UI-KIT into Lunacy ? Until now I coudnt see a possibility :slight_smile: Thanks

Yes, we plan to provide the capability of adding external libraries. This functionality is in the development stage at the moment. By default, we embed our own libraries. You’ll need to add external by yourself. It should be straight and easy though ;o)

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Thanks for that quik response. :slight_smile:
Also another question I couldn’t find out in the Forum is: When I open a scetch file … wich should be a library, It somehowe marry the text objects with the button objects , so i dont have the possibility to edd the text. Do you have any idea why it is like this ?

Could you please send us that file for better understanding of your question :o) Or please capture a short video to let us see the issue you face