Invalid SVG illustrator STEX

When in illustrator using the icon8 extension to import a SVG, Illustrator comes with an error message “This SVG is invalid. Validate it before opening.” After OK, I get the message “The operation cannot complete becouse of an unknow error. [STEX]”

Can someone help me out? Google isn’t givving me any answers…

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It’s an issue on our side, we are already aware of it and are working on the fix. But can’t give you an ETA for it for now.

Thank you for your response! Go go go!

I am having the same issue. Need a resolution soon. Thanks for being on top of it!

@TwoPeanuts @gshaffer

Thank you for rooting! This is a tough one, so the fix will take some time.

Hello, is there any progress on the issue?

The issue is still here… When can we have a sollution?

Hello there,

We’re still working on the fix, it should be out this Month :raised_hands:

Alex, whats the status? I still got the error…

There will be another update coming soon, should be fixed there. May take a couple of days