Is it possible to set a Rotation Center?



in Inkscape it is possible to set a Rotation Center (described here: Is that possible in Lunacy too?



Hi! In Lunacy, the rotation center is in the geometric center of the bounding box of the figure by default.


Of course there is always a default Rotation Center when a software offers a rotation function. I wanted to know if the Rotation Center can be changed. In Inkscape the Rotation Center can be changed by dragging. Is it possible to change the Rotation Center in Lunacy in any way? In the Lunacy documentation I only found the paragraph Rotating objects that gives some information about rotation but there is nothing about the Rotation Center. Perhaps there is anywhere else something about this topic but I didn’t find it.


I see. We have the rotation center in the center of the figure and it cannot be changed, unfortunately.

If you would like us to implement the feature of changing the rotation center - you are welcome to submit a request here: