Is Prototyping via the Web Broken?

I just created a simple mobile phone prototype to test things out on my cell phone and I get a 404 error / ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Is this feature still working?


Yes, web-prototyping is working. Something seems to be wrong with your file, we will look into it and I will give you an update once I have it.

Thanks. I created a brand new file with a simple test and am still seeing the issue

See Video:

And am using this link:

Thank you.

It looks like your Lunacy is a bit dated. Around 6.9-7.0, isn’t it?
Lunacy back then generated links in other format. Updating the app should fix it.

Before you do that, we strongly recommend saving everything locally, in case the newer Lunacy isn’t able to read them. Also do you have an Icons8 account? To use Lunacy Cloud and sharing properly, you will need it. Make sure that you are logged in to Lunacy with that account.

And also a question. Did you create those files without having an Icons8 account?