Is there any way i can use hotkeys to replace pic to the block?

Hello. is there any hotkey for replace pic in the block?


Are you asking if there is a way to copy an Image-1 and paste it over the Image-2, with it getting the same dimensions and position of the Image-2?

Hello Georg

Yes .i wonder if there a quick way , becuase in Sketch is not easy to copy paste pic quickly , but in XD i can use Shift+commend+V to paste the pic in to the block . not sure if Lunacy has same feature or anything ? thanks alot

I’ve tried it now, seems there’s no such feature yet. But it would be really helpful indeed.

Sorry for misleading you! There is a way to do that. You learn something new every day :slight_smile:

To do that, deselect any component by clicking on empty background space and press M, choose the image you want to paste in the File explorer, then hold Ctrl and click over the image you want to replace.

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Thanks .it is useful

… would be nice can paste the pic straight from internet lol :rofl:


I think this option will be right for you, check it out in our docs: Images