[Issue] Dirty png alpha when using Gaussian blur


I have some difficulties using the Gaussian blur after exporting to PNG. There is a filled edges and corners in the exported image and this makes it impossible to use the element as it was intended. Is this a bug or a feature?

And one more thing what I just noticed — after opening a sketch file, Gaussian blur slider does not show changes, but after i remove it and add it works again.

Video proofs and files are attached.

Thank you.

Proof — Dirty alpha
Proof — Sketch Gaussian blur

Sketch file here

This is an example of export to .PNG with the use of any size of the transparent background. No parts of the object are cut off. Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSUi8PJ9HjA&feature=youtu.be

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@Sergey, thank you for video example, looks like a temporary solution. :pizza:
Will this moment be corrected in the future? Because extra space becomes second problem. In UI with lots of elements, exporting each one in a separate artboard will be impractical.

The export with the use of the artboard is not a temporary solution. In fact, only this solution allows you to control the size of the final image. We plan to make a number of changes in the export, which will affect the export of individual objects.