Issues with exporting svg files and the Slice layer (v5.3.2)

The slice layer doesn’t seem to work anymore in v5.3.2. Whenever I export the slice layer as an svg I just get an empty image (with the correct dimensions, though). I previously used the slice layer to circumvent another issue: sometimes when I export as an svg the exported file gets lines of “ghost pixels”. For instance, the image I want to export is 24 x 24 pixels. I put all layers in one group and make sure it has these exact dimensions. However, the resulting svg file doesn’t always have these same dimensions. Sometimes one or more pixels are added to either height or width or sometimes both.

If you want I can provide a .sketch file where this problem occurs. Just tell me where to send it to.

On another note: I do really love this little app. It makes vector drawing a lot more accessible than it used to be. Thank you for that!

Edit: I should also add that even with the slice layer it sometimes happened to export a file with incorrect dimensions but making the slice bigger and then restore it to it’s original size would solve that.

Thank you for letting us know, we are already working on fixing the issue with slices in v5.3.2.

As for the issue with additional pixels in earlier versions, please, try to use the “Trim transparent pixels” option you can find on the right panel, it should help.