Ivan Braun on Quora

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks to Ivan Braun. He liked one of my answers years ago, I believe it was 2017, and I checked his profile, saw founder of blah blah blah is basically how I read that, just like I always do on Quora cuz everybody there seems to claim some sort of outlandish success but hasn’t done a thing.

Just today I saw one of Mr. Braun’s answers and couldn’t remember where I remembered him from, then it clicked, and for some reason I thought “hey maybe he’s actually done something respectable” clicked on the icons8 link and did a little traffic audit…

I wasn’t ready…

700k monthly visitors
30+% bounce rate
3+ mins on site
and holds top ranks on terms like:
arrow png
email icon
phone icon
google icon
settings icon
facebook icon
…I’m an amazing SEO, not to be braggy but I am. Some of these terms are virtually untouchable…and Ivan Braun’s not just got on to the first page for them but secured and holds the #1 position…

So I said f it I gotta get whatever it is he’s hocking here.

Come to find out He made Lunacy…which I love and have loved since it’s launch…

Ivan Braun my vote for Time Mag’s Man of the Year runner up or something.


It is pretty cool when a “king” dresses down and pretends he’s a commoner, like in Shakespeare’s Henry V. Although I guess Ivan wasn’t hiding his creds.

I’m just kicking myself for not figuring out that transparency would be a “big deal” for quick compositions of all sorts. I guess I spent too long on research topics, overspecializing - and now am pretty clueless about modern software dev and related topics. (I never knew much about business.)

Not to insult Quora, but I’ve found it is oftentimes a sort of tragedy of the commons w/respect to both questions and answers. The questions are often ambiguous as to their meaning- often just a few words like “How Windows make?” (Which could be talking about Microsoft Makefiles, or windows made of glass…). And the answers always presuppose an interpretation. Anyway- reddit seems to be more focused and communal with a much higher average level of technical acumen. They’ve got a lot of infighting, though, so theres that.

I was wondering, BigBlind- what are your fave services for getting that sort of info. All I rememer is Alexa does that, I think. Cheers.