Jagged antialiasing when exporting a transparent png

When trying to export a transparent PNG, I am getting jagged edges that look like a transparent gif instead of the smooth look I expect from a PNG.

When exporting the same asset from Sketch, it comes out looking smooth like I expect a PNG to look. Both programs are set to export at 1x. Is there a setting I need to check to make sure it exports transparent pngs correctly?

Here is an example of the differences in the way sketch and lunacy export the same small icon:

These are obviously zoomed in, but you can see on the first image- the left is exported at 1x from lunacy and has ragged aliasing. The right is exported at the same size from sketch. The second image, I just swapped the two sides- sketch on the left and lunacy on the right.

Thank you for reporting a bug!
We have added this task to our backlog, please keep an eye on the release notes of the upcoming updates to be the first to learn when the fix is out.