Layer Issue: Layer move on its own when reopen the app

Lunacy version: 9.2.1
OS version: Windows 11 22H2

I like the Lunacy app, because it is free and very good. I know, what I am working on now is not the right job for Lunacy, but I like it.

However, I found a problem. Every time I save and close the project, there is a part that will always move when the app is opened again.

Things I have tried to try to overcome this problem:

  1. Doing save as and changing the file name.
  2. Locking the layer that moves.

Before i close the app. I saved it first.

After i reopen the app, some object moved.

Can you attach the project file please? It should be in .sketch format

Denah Saoda Land Baru.sketch (22.0 KB)

Could you please update to Lunacy 9.3 Beta? That should fix the issue.

You can do it via Help → About → Check for Beta Updates.

I have experienced similar problems with previous versions of Lunacy, and updating to the beta has always resolved them.