Layout Guide Disapeared


I had a layout guide on a document that was visible.
When I installed the latest update, it literally disappeared.
Even though I went to the columns palette to see if I had to remake my layout guide, and
all the parameters are correctly entered, and the “layout visible” icon is highlighted blue like before…
there is not visible layout guide. I even set the transparency to 100%,
it’s just not there. Please help. My project is on hold until I can get my layout guide back. :0(


Is there a way to download the previous version of Lunacy so I can have access to the layout guide and complete my project?


Hello! Could you please send us a short video demonstrating your layout settings in the interface (side and top panel)? That would help us to understand if it is the issue of a new version of the matter is in your settings. Thank you!


Hello, the 5.0.2 version is already available on the website with the fixed layout issue:
Please, check it out and let us know if the issue was resolved.
Thank you!