Licensing question


First, I want to congratulate you on the quality of your icons! I’ve searched a lot and your are the best looking so far!

Here is my question: I am developing a desktop journal application and want to give the option to my users to set a different icons for their entries. However, the app allows users to export their journal to HTML format (in order to to feel locked to my proprietary file format).

So, the question is what will be OK according to your license (if I purchase your $20 plan to download the icons I need) to do with these journal entry icons?

I understand that you do allow exporting files as stand alone files. Is this valid for the SVG and large PNG files only, or for every PNG file? What If I use SVG sprites instead? Do I need to include a link to your web site in the exported HTML or should I just notify the user about that?


Hello John,
Thank you for the kindest words about our work. We are happy to read it!

To answer your question, I need to know a few more details. How many icons approximately will you need for your project? Will it be possible to include a link in the exported HTML?

Please, contact me at