Lunacy 8.0.6 .deb

Good day!

I see that the Lunacy 8.0.5 .deb and the version in snap store works well and I can open it but the new version that can be downloaded now which is 8.0.6 (I think because when I’m using .deb package, it always says new update which is 8.0.6 is already available) .deb isn’t opening.

Just wanted to report this one and thanks for working hard.

Appreciate your support, RUI :+1:

Could you tell me what version of OS do you have?

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Sorry for my late reply. My version is Zorin OS lite 15.3

Hey Rui, no worries :raised_hands:

Try clearing this folder: ~/home/.local/share/icons8/lunacy/

If this won’t work I would recommend to download snap here: Install Lunacy on Linux | Snap Store