Lunacy Consumes So much internet really Quick!

I noticed that whenever I open Lunacy it consumes the internet very quickly, but doesn’t show me what it’s downloading… I’m using a Ubuntu LTS…

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My thoughts during my testing, closing, and opening the application…

My conclusion was that Lunacy was updating in the background… it took around 1GB the first time. I got worried about what was consuming my data quickly so I closed it… I feel the issue is that it doesn’t notify the user what it was doing. I would like to choose when I can update based on when I got enough data, or at least just a small notification that there is an update happening, if I can control it or not would be Icons8’s decision.

Thank you for making a product like Lunacy possible. It has been a very wonderful experience and I enjoyed its stability for a new product, I know it isn’t easy…



Lunacy indeed consumes internet traffic now and then. This happens in these circumstances:

  1. An update will be released soon. Lunacy downloads it beforehand, so you will be able to install it as soon as possible. For example, Chrome does this too, as do many other apps.
  2. Asset libraries included in Lunacy (icons, illustrations, photos) are not part of Lunacy’s files, they are downloaded from the server

Hi There,
Thank you for your time, I hope my messages weren’t inconvenient I love the Icon8 Project Lunacy so much! In fact, it’s my main Design application currently since I use Linux to do my design and development.
I was just worried I had a real issue on my hands.
Thank you for the quick reply,

Daoud Magdi Makram

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Of course they weren’t! This forum is to have your questions answered.

We are very glad to hear that you find Lunacy so useful in your work :+1:

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