Lunacy Crash on Startup -- Void Linux (Rolling Release), musl-libc

The Main Issue

Lunacy, on a musl-based void system, crashes on startup. This happens on wine and the native x64 Debian binaries.

Wine (Windows)

LunacySetup crashes on wine 8.4. Wine displays the following logs:

002c:err:winediag:getaddrinfo Failed to resolve your host name IP
0108:err:environ:init_peb starting L"Z:\\home\\catboy\\Downloads\\LunacySetup.exe" in experimental wow64 mode
0108:err:module:load_wow64_ntdll failed to load L"\\??\\C:\\windows\\syswow64\\ntdll.dll" error c0000135
0108:err:virtual:virtual_setup_exception stack overflow 16 bytes addr 0x170058d2e stack 0x4e0ff0 (0x4e0000-0x4e1000-0x5dfd20) 

As Lunacy cannot be installed, there are no Lunacy logs.


On void linux, the Lunacy window pops up for a split second, then closes. The only output that appears in Lunacy’s standard output is the following:

Segmentation fault 

Lunacy’s logs show success in connecting to Lunacy’s backend US servers.

       │ File: Lunacy Log 2023.03.20 17.23.07.txt
   1   │ 17:23:07.508 Launcher   Default > Launched on Linux X64 Standalone
   2   │ 17:23:07.551 Launcher   Default > Launch args: /home/catboy/opt/icons8/lunacy/Lunacy.dll
   3   │ 17:23:07.561 Settings   Default > DeviceId: 4c770057-[manually redacted]
   4   │ 17:23:07.658 Account    Info    > Authorizing to US_Prod
   5   │ 17:23:07.677 Api    Default > Connection restoring: US_Prod
   6   │ 17:23:07.680 Api    Default > Main Connection is: US_Prod
   7   │ 17:23:08.123 Settings   Info    > No settings in cloud
   8   │ 17:23:11.279 Push US_Prod   Info    > Connecting
   9   │ 17:23:11.339 Account    Done    > Authorized to US_Prod
  10   │ 17:23:11.524 Push US_Prod   Info    > Initializing
  11   │ 17:23:11.557 Push US_Prod   Done    > Connected

No further logs are written before Lunacy crashes.

I have no idea what could cause this. The only issue I can come up with is Avalonia being incompatible with musl-libc when compiled one way or another, but that seems like an error that’s out of reach for now. A systemd dependency seems far out of reach as well, as most dotnet applications I compile and run on this void install run fine.

If any more info is needed, please let me know, as I have no idea what to provide in this crash report.


Unfortunately, we only support Ubuntu-based distros and thus can’t assist you with this problem.