Lunacy doesn't copy image to Windows 11 clipboard

On Windows 11 Lunacy doesn’t copy image to Windows 11 clipboard. So if I copy an image I can only paste it inside Lunacy itself, but not to another Windows app. It used to work on Windows 10. Any confirmation or help?

Thank you for reporting this. I’ve passed this info to our devs and will reply here once I have any news.

Our devs told me that this is working as intended, if you do it with ctrl+c.

If you right click an image and choose “Copy as .SVG” or .PNG, you will be able to export it to other apps.

Thank you for the follow-up.

On Lunacy 8.3.1 + Windows 11 if I right click there is:

Copy as Text
Copy as SVG
Copy as CSS
Copy as XAML

… So there is no “Copy as PNG”, as you can see on the attached image. Can you please check?


Could you please update Lunacy to the latest version and check if the option is there?

I confirm Lunacy is 8.3.1, which is the last one. Please check attached video.