Lunacy keeps crashing


Lunacy was working fine yesterday, then since I started using it today it keeps crashing. I can only presume it is as a result of the update to Lunacy 6.1. I think it has crashed over 20 times in the last hour.


Hi, I’m sorry to hear you have encountered some difficulties while using Lunacy. Could you please give us a bit more information on what steps you take before it crashes?


Thank you for your quick response!

I have no idea what was going on yesterday - It continued for a couple of hours. Sometimes all I did was select an object and try to move it and it would crash. Sometimes it would happen when I was pasting a style. It didn’t seem to be consistent to a particular action. Sometimes I would be able to work for about 2 minutes, sometimes not even 10 seconds. It was crazy!

And then the problem just stopped. And I was able to work for the rest of the evening without any trouble. There have been no issues today at all. I really don’t know what was happening - I just hope it doesn’t happen again lol.


I’m having the same issue. First time I’m using since it updated the other day (Version: Icons8 Lunacy 6.1 Last Sync 9/5/2020 1:04 PM). Within several clicks, it crashes. In my current session, I’ve had to restart eight times and have a single rectangle to show for it. It’s completely unusable.

One example for repro:

  1. Move existing rectangle
  2. Copy / paste / move rectangle
  3. Crash


Hi, could you please tell if the issue still persists? The last version for now is 6.2, please try to install it and tell us how it went!