Lunacy launching on windows 8.1 application transparent

Lunacy version:
Windows 8.1 PRO 6.3.9600

Installing latest release installs without problems. Restarted pc. Lunacy launches transparent with or without admin rights. No interface to access.



Attached log file.
2024.02.17_09.48.14.rar (36.3 KB)

Crash Dumps

no Crash Dumps files.

Onboard Graphic drivers is up to date.
Please give some suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Thank you


Microsoft dropped support for Windows 8.1 a while ago, and some of the technologies we use in Lunacy don’t support older systems as well. That’s why we can’t provide assistance with any problems that appear on these systems.

Perhaps reverting to an older Lunacy release will help:

Thank you for your reply. I downgraded all the way down to 9.3.6 and it remained the same. So it is fine. Unfortunately I would not upgrade to Windows 10 or higher with all the bloat ware and garbage in it. So for now I will use something else for UX design. Thank you anyway.