Lunacy: PNG export error


I keep getting “PNG export error” while exporting the whole project (full page) to any graphic format (PNG, JPG or whatever). Sometimes I can export it just for the first time, before I add any assets (photos, svg files etc.). But the next time I try to export I get this error message. It occurs just from the beginning (c.a. Lunacy 5). The only possibility to export the whole project is via PDF export. But then I have to generate JPG in another app (Affinity Photo).

My OS is Windows 7 SP1. Have no access to Win10 (my primary OS is Linux, I use Windows just for design software).

Hey there,

May I ask you in which version of Lunacy do you have this issue?



This happens since v. 5.x (when I first installed, don’t remember exactly, perhaps 5.6). Now I use v. 7.1. And only when I try to export the whole page (artboard) to any bitmap format. I can export single objects to both svg/png etc. but not as a complete page.

Thanks for info! We’ll look into this and I’ll get back to you soon.


May I ask you to send me a file that you have this issue with too? We’ll try to replicate the error in Windows 10.

The thing is that it might be connected to the fact that you have Windows 7, which we support as is at the moment.

Sure, just let me know where may I send it (I can’t attach it to the post due to the wrong extension).

Please, send your file to
Thank you!

The sample file was sent. Thank you!