Lunacy resize ubuntu 21.10 Snap

Lunacy doesn’t resize (200%).

Linux: Ubuntu 21.10, Snap pack


So it’s stuck at 200%?

What happens when you choose another size manually via the button in the top-right corner? And with ctrl+mouse wheel?

Hi Georg_icons8,

I’ve got a laptop high resolutie (2,8k) screen that is resized 200% in the system.
The program is not resizing with that.
Everything is very small.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the issue is in our backlog now.
Will be figuring out how to fix it :slight_smile:

That problem did solve it self with an update within version 21.10.
Some closing issue… forcing needed. Sometimes that doesn´t work.
Files .sketch not associated with Lunacy and couldn´t point them to Lunacy.

Are those 2 separate problems?

  1. Lunacy doesn’t close by itself when you want to exit, so you have to forcefully shut it down. Correct?

  2. .sketch files don’t get associated with Lunacy and you can’t save the association within the system?

  1. Yes, it not all the time. I can minimize it or resize the window. And sometimes it doesn´t close forcefully either. Restart needed.
    I use systemmonitor to stop or end the proces.

2a.Yes, .Sketch files don´t get associated. See screeshot. As zip file, you even can unzip it.

2b. I can save the files in the system. But couldn´t close Lunacy any more.

Thank you.

I’ve passed this to our devs.

Could the closing problem be connected to a cloud document?

In what circumstances does the program refuse to shut down?

And could you please tell me your specs? CPU, RAM and drive

Now regarding the .sketch format. It looks like before you installed Lunacy (or after too), you tried to open .sketch with an archiver. Could you try using the “Open with other application” option and let us know what happens. Thank you!