Lunacy updated, lost recent docs and main project file can't be opened

Windows 10 Pro x64, 22H2 (19045.2486)

Currently on after toggling “Check for beta updates” in-app. Previously was on, upgraded from 9.1.1 via direct installer download from the site.

Lunacy wanted to ‘upgrade’ from 9.2.x to 9.1.1 via the auto update check in-app. Thinking it might know something I don’t I hit ‘Install’. Then I enabled the beta update checks in-app so I’d get back to 9.2.x.

After the dumb update/downgrade dance, my main project file doesn’t show up on in recent files anymore. When I try to manually open the Sketch file (whole thing created in Lunacy, never touched by any other software, no perms issues or shiz) it says “Can’t open file: wrong format or internal error”. I did submit an in-app report already.

Error message from logs:

22:01:25.231 Document	Default	> Opening file justinsfile.sketch
22:01:25.232 Tabs	Info	> Adding a document: FromFileSource C:\Project Assets\justins-project\justinsfile.sketch 
22:01:25.237 Tools	Default	> Activate tool: Select
22:01:25.257 Tabs	Info	> Tab Selected: justinsfile C:\Project Assets\justins-project\justinsfile.sketch
22:01:25.291 Document	Error	> InvalidDataException EOCDNotFound /    at Lunacy.IO.Compression.ZipArchive.ReadEndOfCentralDirectory()
   at Lunacy.IO.Compression.ZipArchive..ctor(Stream stream, ZipArchiveMode mode, Boolean leaveOpen, Encoding entryNameEncoding)
   at Lunacy.Import.Sketch.SketchLoader.LoadSketchAsync(Stream contentStream)
   at Lunacy.ViewModels.TabsViewModel.LoadSketchDocumentAsync(IFileContentSource source, DocumentViewModel document, Boolean addToMRU)
   at Lunacy.ViewModels.TabsViewModel.LoadSketchDocumentAsync(IFileContentSource source, DocumentViewModel document, Boolean addToMRU)
   at Lunacy.ViewModels.TabsViewModel.LoadDocumentAsync(IFileContentSource fileSource, Boolean addToMRU, Boolean isTemplate, Boolean isRestore)

Should I send the file to or something? It’s ~46MB so too big to email directly. Can do a WeTransfer link or something.


First please try changing the region in Lunacy settings as shown at the screenshot. If this doesn’t help, check out this article: FAQs

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Thanks for the reply.

I had already come across both of those suggestions before making this post. Sadly, changing region didn’t do anything and there were no documents in the app data Documents folder either. Since I couldn’t find a cached version or temp file, I decided to completely uninstall Lunacy and reinstall instead of up-/downgrading. No changes.


Unfortunately, if you already reinstalled the app it won’t be possible to restore the project from temporary files. We also have checked the .sketch file that was attached and it is pretty broken. Hard to say what could have caused it, perhaps an unexpected shutdown of Lunacy/PC or downgrading without saving.