Lunacy user manual software

Hi I’ve just started using Lunacy and I’ve been impressed with the user manual. Can somebody please let me know what software was used to create this manual?

Thanks a million… James

Hi, thank you so much! Could you please clarify what user manual do you mean? We have text docs, YouTube channel, and tutorial inside Lunacy:


Hi Eugenia,

This is the web site of the manual that I’m referring to.

Thanks James

Hi James, thank you for the details! So, we used GitHub Pages + Jekyll for creating this guide:

I hope this helps!

HI Eugenia - I’d like to request an align button that centers vertically and horizontally with one click.

Can I request this feature through you or do I have to make this request in an other way?

Thanks James

Hi, James

In future, it’s better to post suggestions on the dedicated Lunacy forum. Here, for example: New proposal — Lunacy Community Space

But I will forward your idea to the team :slight_smile: