Luncay.exe prompt for virus in virustotal scan

Lunacy version: 9.1.1
OS version: windows 11

After the installation of Windows 11 is completed, luncay.exe scans for virus prompts


We understand your concerns, but if you downloaded Lunacy through one of our channels (either direct download on or Microsoft Store), then you shouldn’t be worried about a virus.

First, false positives do happen. On your screenshot you can see that only 1 out of 69 vendors flagged the file as malicious.
Second, Zillya is one of the lesser-known antiviruses and the reviews for that one are not very good, in part because it has high false-positive rates.

If top-level solutions like Kaspersky, Avast, Bitdefender, ESET, Windows Defender don’t mark the file as a threat then you may be sure it is safe!