M1 Mac native support for Icons8 app

Hey there!

I fire up the Icons8 app many times each week. I’ve noticed on my M1-Pro MBP that the energy consumption is very high… it even exceeds Safari with a bunch of open tabs, and Time Machine running a full first-time backup:



And on top of that, it’s using a whopping 3.5GB of RAM!


Are there any plans to release an M1 native version of the app? Or a way to optimise the energy & RAM consumption?


(tested with Icons8 App 5.7.4)

Hey there!

It seems like you have an older version of Pichon – the current one is May I ask you to download the latest version from here and see if you still have those issues?

This isn’t the Pichon App, it’s the Icons8 app which allows offline access to icons. I downloaded it from the link you shared, choosing the * offline version (icons only)* link –


The Pichon performance looks good – about 60MB RAM. If the same can happen with the Icons8 (offline) app it would be awesome :slight_smile:

The Icon8 app that you’re referring to is actually an older version of Pichon, which used to have an offline mode :blush:

I would recommend using the current version of Pichon on your M1 Mac.

The offline mode is really important for me, as a lot of my work is in places where there isn’t always internet. Also the ability to sort icons by ‘newest’ (the ‘new’ category in the Icons8 app) is something I use often. Without these, Pichon unfortunately doesn’t fit with my work.

Do you know of any plans to bring those two features to Pichon? Or to update the offline Icons8 app?

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I’ve forwarded your question to our Pichon devs.
I will get back to you when I receive the answer :slight_smile:

Is there an update on this ? the app still seems to be non native and given this is a paid service I guess I expect more.

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At the moment we don’t have any set plans for Pichon M1 release or offline version update. I would recommend using our website instead: Download 1,017,900 free icons (SVG, PNG)

That’s ~4x the effort for every single icon used.
You’re basically doing the workflow equivalent of take a boat vs take a plain.

I get your point, it’s not very convenient indeed. We hope that we’ll introduce the native M1 version soon, so keep an eye our for the updates :eyes:

Icons8 is an amazing service, it has one unique point for me amongst it’s competition.
it has a simple app, I find an icon, I drag it to whatever I want to use.
it works, simple, clean, fast
right now, it needs rosetta which is horrible, slow, and apps just perform in a weird way.
Anyone who uses any app with rosetta for long periods of time will tell you how much of a horrible/interim solution this is …

This is a deal breaker for me, I just need a native version - the fact you guys don’t have one, 2? years down the line is crazy.

I’m in a slack team with a few creators and they are all saying the same thing, and it’s a deal break for them all. I feel like this isn’t viewed as a big deal, based on your previous answer.

Not having a native M1 Pichon version is definitely a big deal for us. We’ve already tried launching an M1 version, but we’ve faced a lot of issues and decided to postpone the release until we figure out how to put it out properly. I can’t give you any ETA yet, but we have this release in our plans.