Mac App (5.7.4) not showing new icons & categories


The Icons8 app on Mac seems to be not pulling in new content. For example:

• Under Flat Color, the most recent icon (when selecting the New category) is “badlion”. This looks to have been added in April 2021, and the web app shows hundreds of new icons since then
• The “Plumpy” icon style is not available

Here is how the “new” view of Flat Color looks today (May25, 2021):

The Mac App version is 5.7.4 – the latest according to “Check For Updates” and the same version that’s downloadable from the web at the moment.

Please help to check this when you have time. It’s possible to pull the latest icons from the webpage, but this isn’t as cool as simply dragging them from the web app!


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I would also like to see an update to the Mac App.

Hi guys! We will have a new release in a couple of weeks. All the new icons and styles will appear in the new version. Stay tuned! :wink:


Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile: Looking forward to the upgrade!


Any update?

The new version will be up at the beginning of July or even earlier. It only needs the final touch :wink:

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Sorry for the delay! The new version is undergoing the final stage of testing as we want to be sure that everything is working smoothly. All the new styles will be there!

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Can we get an ETA from the engineering team? Better to manage expectations at this point.

Hey there,

Can’t give you an exact ETA at the moment, but we’re already preparing for the launch, so it should be out pretty soon.