Mac App Crashing After Launch

The Mac app (v5.6.7) crashes on launch. The application frame will draw, but the application will close almost immediately. This issue started yesterday and is the same on multiple machines. I’ve tried re-installing the app, but no luck.

I noticed a user has the same issue with the Lunacy app.

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Hi! Thank you for the report! We are fixing this issue already.

I was able to workaround the Mac App crashing for the time being by disconnecting from the internet before opening icons8.

Same problem here. Just renew my subscription, but app crashed after launching.

For now, we have created this temporary solution:

Please reinstall your app using this link, and it should work well!

The fix seems to work, no more crash, but the app doesn’t see my renewal (just show Captain Vector plan expired on march 2017). I’ve tried to logout/login, but no change.

Any proper fix for this? It’s been a week without being able to use the App on a mac

Same for me here. The mac app no longer crashes, but my subscription details are out of date. I cannot download any of the icons that my plan entitles me to get.

@elena_icons8 When can we expect a fix? I used the attached fix but it doesn’t detect my latest license and I can’t use all the latest icons - this is frustrating considering it has been 1 week since reported!


Good news, the app was fixed! Please delete the old version, and install it again using this link: After that it should work as usual.

We apologize for the problem, and thank you all for being with us!

Seems OK now. Thank you.

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The latest update seems to be ok for me as well. Thanks

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Facing Same Problem. Any proper solution?

Hello Peter,

May I ask what version of OS you are using?