Mac Sketch Import

I found Lunacy quite by accident, looking for a Windows app that could import a MacOS Sketch file. I have used CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator for many years, Inkscape for several. What is the easiest way to learn why my import appears to work (MANY objects in the left window, NOTHING in the right working area. As a monthly $$ supporter, I would like to grow into Lunacy, but right now it’s pretty baffling. (Oh, yeah, the “export to .svg” works like a champ, just can’t the objects to show in the Artboard(s). Don’t need to be told step-by-step, just the best place to start. Thanks fellow Lunatics (ha-ha). …don j


Is something missing here in your sentence?

just can’t the objects to show in the Artboard

And here

Do I understand correctly that your problem is that when you import a .sketch file into Lunacy, nothing shows up on the canvas despite the fact that a lot of components are listed in the left menu?

Sorry for the uneven wording. Yes, you understood correctly. I should not have “clutched up” so quickly and given Lunacy a bit more patience. All is working perfectly well now, just need to do more exploring. Thanks for the quick reply Georg. …don (Elderoaklander)

Great, I’m glad everything works now :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing the steps you took to properly import the files?
I’m sure this could help other users that encounter this problem

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