Mass use of icons for small fee

I use a website called that seems to use your icons. I run a search for a icon I want to use and they show Icons8 with no link just the name.

I am working to start a site similar to Facebook but for older people. I want to provide thousands of icons similar to Raindrop so my users can choose what icon they want. I have no problem paying for icons but I can only use 100 then each icon costs like 20 cents. My users needs a huge selection to choose from and 100 is not enough.

So my only other solution is to use your free service. Hopefully you are considering offering a paid service that allows my users to choose from your entire library for say $25.00/month? Hard for a smaller website like myself. Would be nice to not have to link to your site in return for a reasonable fee.


The best case for you would be an Icons API. You can find all the necessary information here:

With API you can embed the entire icon library we have for your users to browse through, without having to download the icons en masse.


As a side note, could you send a couple of screenshots of our icons used by raindrop?