Material Icon fonts square glyph sizing?


I’m working on a small project and we’re comparing different icon font families before we choose one.

I’m looking at the Icons8 Material set, and I’ve noticed that unlike Google’s Material icons, the Icons8 glyphs are tall rectangles, not square. We are likely going to mix and match with official Google icons, so we need to have the glyphs the same size.

So my question is: Is there a way to specify square glyph dimensions when generating the icon font?

Attached is a screenshot showing a test screen comparing FontAwesome 4 and 5 (with the fixed width option), Google Material, and Icons8 Material. The dotted line shows the glyph boundaries - there’s no internal padding or margin.



Hello Ajkandy!
Sorry, but we dont have such option to choose a glyph dimensions. But great thanks for your tip! We will surly add this feature in the future!
Best regards!


Thanks Artem! In the meantime I have found a workaround for styling:

  • Set the height of the item explicitly to match the width. In this case, 2rem / 2rem.
  • Then, setting the line-height to 1rem centers the icon properly in the box as expected.


You are always welcome Ajkandy! Good luck with your project!