Missing fonts each time I open a file

Hi there,
I’m experiencing some issues with fonts. When I open any files fonts are missing, I can select the font, save it, and if I reopen the file, fonts are missing again. Any suggestions? It was happening with the old version of Lunacy, and I updated it but still doing the same problem!

Please help!!!

UPDATE: I noticed that it’s happening with 1 font only ITC Franklin Gothic… very strange.

Hi Stefania,

Give us more details on the issue, please. Which Windows version and Lunacy version do you use?
Is the text you are referring to a simple text block? Which font exactly do you use out of the Franklin Gothic family?

Hi Julia, thanks for coming back to me.

I’ve got Windows 10 Home and Lunacy 5.7. The font is ITC Franklin Gothic Std Demi condensed

I’ve got a 25 artboards document, each artboard has at least 1 text box, almost all of them have lost the font. This document has been created with Sketch by a colleague.

I’m uploading a screenshot to show the difference between the text box that has lost the font and others that kept the font. It’s very weird as if I change the font I can see it correctly, then I save and reopen the file and it’s gone again.

The same thing happens with other weights of the same font but not with medium.

Let me know if I missed some information.



We’ve checked it on our end and it worked corrrectly :frowning:
Here is the example:

The gif shows the already saved and re-opened file in v.5.7.

Is it possible to record a video of the issue? Maybe this will help us to grasp what the root of the problem is.

Thanks Julia, this is so weird.
I can’t share the video of the original file as the client is quite famous.

I copied some text boxes and I created a new one, but I can’t upload files as I’m a new user. I uploaded it on wetransfer, here the link https://we.tl/t-AqBZgnXwG3

It’s not working even on the new text box. This is happening only with Demi Condensed.

Stefania, thank you for the link!

We still didn’t manage to reproduce the issue, though, as the actions you showed just led to the right result with no sign of any problem.

We think the issue could be in the font file or in the sketch file you use. Can you send us both of them to check? Here is our email: lunacy@icons8.com, please copy the description of the issue so we knew the email is from you. Thank you!