Missing fonts on 'Alt' for measurement guides

After updating to 5.1 I started experiencing this missing fonts when clicking ALT to show measurement guides.

Demo here https://www.dropbox.com/s/c666cnu67j3r0eq/2020-01-26_22-04-46.mp4?dl=0

Hopefully you can help me here. Thank you very much

Hello, did you mean you’re experiencing issues with the version 5.0?
If so, please, give us some more details: what Windows version do you use? What is your system language and the .net version?
Thank you!

Hi Julia,

Yes version 5. I’m using Windows 10 Pro, my system language is English and .net version is 4.8.03752.

Let me know if that’s enough. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed answer, as we are still trying to figure out what could be the reason of the issue. Can you try to install the v4.9, please: https://docs.icons8.com/release-notes/ and check if the issue persists there? That would help us a lot!

Unfortunately, the issue also happening on v4.9. :confused:

Not sure if this will help but I just want to mention that before I upgraded to v5 from v3.16 where the measurement guides working properly.

Hi, we have just released Lunacy 5.1, where we tried to fix the font issue for such issues as yours. Can you please try and install it to check if everything works fine now?
https://icons8.com/lunacy (available on Microsoft Store)
We would be glad to hear about the results.
Thank you!