Missing option to place a circle-border around icon

Since the new icon-editor was introduced i am missing the option to make a circle border around the icon. Please bring that feature back!

You can create a circle border by maxing out the corner radius in the ‘Square’ tab:

However, I can see that it’s not obvious since the name of the tab is ‘Square’ and not ‘Shape’ for example. I’ll talk to my colleagues about changing it :raised_hands:

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Hi Alex, thanks for the feedback. But it’s not te answer i was hoping for. The attached icon shows the border I am looking for.
icons8-service-64 (4)


You’re right, there was an option to choose between filled and outlined modes for backgrounds. Thank you for bringing our attention to it, we will reintroduce them!

Hi Georg,

Thanks for het quick response. Can tell me when it wil be reintroduced?

Regards, Jeroen

I can’t give you an exact timeframe, but it will be released along with several other fixes and improvements to the editor we are currently working on.