Multiple "platform" attribute not working anymore

We used the platform attribute in our search to select only icons we support in our app. It used to work for multiple platforms separated by “,”. This doesn’t seem to work anymore. Instead we get all icons of all platforms. Defining only one single platform key works.
Is there a reason you doesn’t support this anymore?
How may we search for multiple platforms?

Example for multiple platform search (Search for Icons with “cat” and from the icons platform “color”, “ios7” and “plumpy”):,ios7,plumpy

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the detailed report! We will be able to fix this issue next week, and I’ll update you as soon as it’s done. I hope it’s not too critical for your project.

Thanks Elena.
The missing behaviour caused some strange design results in our product editor, as we don’t support images with gradients. Right now it’s not very critical for our project anymore after we’ve found the cause and can provide a workaround until it’s working again.
Keep me updated.

Hi Daniel! We have fixed the issue with multiple platforms search. Please, give it a try.

Thanks for the support and update. My first test worked as expected.

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