My file completely vanished

I was working on a Lunacy file last week.
Worked hours on it (it was on auto-save) gone back to finish it up and it’s completely gone.
Not in the recently deleted, not anywhere to be found.
I have no clue what’s happened.
I use Lunacy on a new iMac if that helps.

Hi Samantha,

If by auto-save you mean the cloud storage, please DM me your email address used for lunacy, and we’ll check it all.

In the meantime, try to change the region in Lunacy:

Then check if your file appeared in Documents:


Please try the following:

Upgrade to Lunacy 9 beta. You can download it right here.
Once installed, go to Help in the menu bar, and open App Data folder.
The Documents folder will open, it contains cached unsaved projects of yours.
Drag’n’drop each folder from Documents to Lunacy to see which one refers to your project.

Let us know if you managed to find the missing one.