No way to list all icons in a specific icon set

Hope you all doing very well. I have a problem with the mac Pichon app. I remember it was possible to list all icons under a specific icon set, but after several updates, you removed it from the Mac app [in windows it is still available]. I assume that because your business modal is evolving. I can understand that which is okay but the experience is terrible now. Any app design icon set requires consistency and I cannot randomly jump over the different sets of icons with a different style. Categorizing the icons is okay but you need to give the opportunity to list all items inside the specific set of the icons. For example, when I’m looking for a ‘pin’ icon, how can I guess the category? Is it inside the Shopping? Transport? I need to check each of them every time just a basic icon. I can search yes, but sometimes it is also difficult to find the correct keyword.

It really doesn’t make any sense from the user’s perspective to remove the all list of icons from the app. Please consider bringing it back:) I know the decision is obviously related to the new business model and you are doing a very good job on that but I believe there is still room for improvements.


Hey there,

Could you, please, record a screencast of this issue? We can’t really figure out what the problem is with the description that you’ve given us.

Ah sorry for my terrible English.
There is no ‘All’ Category for the Specific Icon Set.

Screen Recording 2022-01-25 at 12.57.54 (3.5 MB)

hope that would help.

Another screenshot from windows is way more practical because it is sorting the icons based on the style.

Thanks for your suggestions, got it now!

Your English is totally fine, it’s just the topic is quite complicated :blush:

We’ll look into adding a similar sorting by style option to the Mac version.

As for adding the ‘All’ category, we’re not really sure that’s it’s possible at the moment. Some of the styles have tens of thousands of icons so it will be a tremendous load for our backend.

Oh wonderful thank you so much, I got that it will have a terrible impact on performance. Maybe lazyload inside the ‘all’ category I don’t know I believe you will find the best way. Thanks again & good luck